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Al Scates - Part 6 ( Conclusion)

Al Scates - Part 6 ( Conclusion)

Al Discusses:- A recruiting battle he had for a Brazilian player against USC coach Ernie Hix for a Brazilian player ( not Celson Kalache) ,  how amazing Celso Kalache was at USC, the multiple volleyball "how to" books he made over his career, WHAT made him THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ( by far) men's volleyball coach at UCLA ( if you are a coach, you need to listen to this as it is AMAZING and still holds true today), how he was ahead of his time with analytics of the sport, and where and what he is up to now AFTER retiring from the sport with his amazing family  that he ADORES, the health cancer health challenges he overcame, his golf game, and other hobbies that keep him happy and kicking ass at age 80 ( with a birthday coming up on June 8th, BRUINS players, don;t forget )   :)     For the record, I want to thank legendary Stanford women's volleyball  coach  Don Shaw, who won 4 NCAA titles over his coaching career there,  for making this interview happen.  Thanks Coach Shaw.  Support the show (

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