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George Stepanof - Part 1

George Stepanof - Part 1

George Discusses:   -His first time playing beach volleyball in 1955 at Mission Beach, the best players in the San Diego area at that time ( Nate Parrish, Chester Goss, Jack Henn), witnessing Gene Selznick and Bernie Holtzman, and Mike O'Hara & Mike Bright play and what made them so special on the court, the lifestyle and camaraderie among the players at that time, the 1970 San Diego Open that he was the tournament director for when Dane Holtzman informed Ron Von Hagen an hour before there first match that he couldn't play due to turning Hare Krishna the NIGHT before, and how George played match maker to pair Von Hagen and a young AA rated Fred Zuelich up, his recollection of the GREATS who played back then ( Ron Lang, Ron Von Hagen, Kathy Gregory, etc..), a GREAT Vogie story, and the hitting prowess of Keith Erickson and Ernie Suwara....Support the show (

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