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Larry Rundle Part 1

Larry Rundle     Part 1

Interview with Larry Rundle - Part 1:Larry discusses:  His start in the sport at John Adams Junior high school during the summer when he would hang out there from 9 am until 5 pm playing basketball, volleybal, (and PING PONG, if he lost)l, the influence Coaches Don Steere and Dave Heiser had on him at such a young age, that he held the John Adams JR High School consecutive free throw record ( 17 in a ROW!), from 1956 until 1998, and how Dave Heiser sent him a REGISTERED letter in '98 letting him know his record was broken  :), how at age 16 he was all of 5'2" and 95 pounds when he got his drivers license and how he was too weak and small to take the volleyball with his hands and had to bump everything, which made him an incredible passer,  the players he was in awe of  coming up as a youngster, his time playing at UCLA with Keith Erickson and Ernie Suwara,  and how incredibly talented they were ( Ernie was the HARDEST hitter he EVER saw, and Erickson is far and AWAY the BEST athlete he has ever known), his legendary weight training program he learned from the UCLA water polo coach and Von Hagen,  his UCSB Gaucho daughter Brooke Rundle, the amazing experience of playing on Wilt's Big Dippers led by the legendary player and personality Gene Selznick and their fun times together,  Henry Bergmann (how their partnership came to be, and all that made Henry such a unique player and human being), the epic 1968 Manhattan Beach Open in which he and Bergmann battled Von Hagen & Lang for 7 + hours between the winners finals and finals  in what is considered to be the highest level of beach volleyball ever played until the darkness ended it what he considers to be a tie as Lang could no longer see the ball in the dark, and his admiration and respect for Von Hagen & Lang for their unique ability to compete at the highest level week in and week out for years on end.Support the show (

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