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Larry Rundle - Part 2

Larry Rundle - Part 2

Larry Discusses:- Playing with Bob Clem ( his partner in the '71 Manhattan Beach Open that they WON), how he views himself as MORE of an INDOOR player, than a beach guy, the best players he competed against, the best diggers, the best hitters, playing and WINNING the GOLD medal in the '67 Pan Am Games in Canada on the US Olympic Men's Indoor team to qualify for the '68 Olympics, how he supported himself financially working as a waiter in the evenings at the Daisy Disco Club in Beverly Hills during '67 and '68, and then training in the UCLA weight room all day on little sleep, the '68 Olympic Games in Mexico City, how they beat the defending gold medalist Russians in the 1st round, then spraining his ankle in round 2,  and he could no longer play, how amazing of a team Von Hagen and Lang were on the beach, his thoughts on how he would do against the best beach players of today on the beach, some great fan questions, what he is most proud of over his career, and what he is up to today.Support the show (

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