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Spike Boarts' Stories Part 2

Spike Boarts'  Stories Part 2

Spike Discusses:    - Playing in a mixed open on the beach with Kathy Gregory, his South Bay buddies he grew up with, handi -cap tournaments he played in and won with Bill Leeka one year, and Dennis "the Condor" Duggan the next year, his time playing indoors for the the Hollywood Y Comets,  playing for the Olympic Club indoor 6 man USVBA team and winning the Far Westerns tournament, how he met his AMAZING wife at the beach, his memories of playing at his home beach:  Marine Street in Manhattan Beach, playing for the Legends indoor 6 man team alongside so many great players and winning multiple Gold Medals in their age group for multiple decades, including 3 Gold Medals at the World Games against the BEST players in the world, a USVBA Nationals tournament in San Francisco when he and his teammates ( except for one rookie),  made a pyramid in the elevator wearing nothing but their underwear and the rookie ( Danny Patterson) hit the elevator button on the lobby floor only to see his veteran teammates in all their naked glory when the elevator reached him, ( which the young teenage phenom was shocked by!) , and some great beach stories about playing with Rich Riffero, and Bob Hogan, and some incredible Keith Erickson stories regarding how amazing of an athlete he was.Support the show (

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