Night Vale Presents

Good Morning The Drawbridge

Good Morning The Drawbridge

Meg, Symphony and Hal discuss episode 6 of Welcome to Night Vale: The Drawbridge. They honor the entrance of Steve Carlsberg to the world of Night Vale. They chat about ghosts, what it would be like to have gills and commonalities between road work in Night Vale and road work in New York City. They are joined by Welcome to Night Vale Composer, Jon Bernstein also known as Disparition, where they discuss live performance, what Jon was up to in 2012 and who is the best road roomie. Plus dutch swear words and chairs collapsing on stage.  Send us your thoughts, comments, and questions! Leave us a voicemail at 929-277-2050 or e-mail us at Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Good Morning Night Vale is a production of Night Vale Presents Hosted by Symphony Sanders, Hal Lublin, and Meg Bashwiner Produced by Meg Bashwiner Edited by Grant Stewart Mixed by Vincent Cacchione Theme Music by Disparition Logo by Rob Wilson

Duration: 59 min

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