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Fri. 06/12 - CGI Crowds & Virtual Barbers: Our New Normal

Fri. 06/12 - CGI Crowds & Virtual Barbers: Our New Normal

With fans not allowed in stadiums, some sports leagues are using computer-generated crowds to fill the stands. If your hair has grown to a completely unmanageable length, this new site can help. Scientists have discovered massive unidentified structures deep beneath the earth’s surface. How to work out like a medieval night. And some video recommendations for your weekend queue.Links:Spanish soccer returns with computer-generated crowds, and it actually works (The Verge)Artificial crowd noise available to UK viewers after use in Bundesliga (BBC)How to Cut Your Hair in Quarantine: Here's What I Did (Nick Gray)You Probably Need a HaircutScientists Have Discovered Vast Unidentified Structures Deep Inside the Earth (Vice)To Work Out Like a Knight, Try Donning Armor and Extolling Virtue (Atlas Obscura)Astronaut.ioJurassic Park: Low-budget Remake (Cardboard Movie Co., YouTube)This Low-Budget Cardboard Reproduction Of 'Alien' Is Pure Gory Genius (Digg)Saxophonist Cleverly Plays Into Giant Piece of Pipeline to Accompany Himself With an Echo in Perfect Pitch (Neatorama)Jackson Bird on Twitter

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