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Wed. 06/17 - How Poop Can Prevent COVID-19 Outbreaks

Wed. 06/17 - How Poop Can Prevent COVID-19 Outbreaks

The Statue of Liberty arrived in the US on this day in 1885––a look at its original intended meaning. How our poop could help flatten the curve. The Boccaccio Project that’s capturing the music of quarantine. And a video camera returned to its owners after being stolen over twenty years ago. Sponsor:FitBod, Get one month free at Fitbod.me/goodnewsLinks:The Statue of Liberty was created to celebrate freed slaves, not immigrants, its new museum recounts (Washington Post)New Statue of Liberty Museum Illuminates a Forgotten History (New York Times)Cities are using sewer systems as COVID-19 early warning signs (The Verge)Testing sewage for the coronavirus seemed to work. It detected the outbreak in Cache County. (Salt Lake Tribune)The 'Boccaccio Project' Is Capturing the Music of Quarantine (Atlas Obscura)The Boccaccio Project (Library of Congress)Video camera stolen 20 years ago returned in pristine condition with tape still inside (ABC News)Jackson Bird on Twitter

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