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Space Coast Social Good Summit

Space Coast Social Good Summit

Social entrepreneurs tackle major social issues with practical, innovative and sustainable approaches. Like all entrepreneurs, they deliver solutions to a specific target market. This Oct 5, Groundswell will feature startups that aggressively solve for complex, systemic issues affecting whole populations. This event serves to showcase the evolving landscape of mission-driven enterprises that are both profitable and beneficial to the people and planet. The event will feature three sessions with leaders in solar and green technology, residential and marine sustainability efforts, as well as education and health enterprises. HIGHLIGHTS Session I Social Good in Central Florida Michael Aller co-founded Energy Florida, a nonprofit that serves as a concierge between the public and private sector in the energy industry here in Florida, the Southeastern US, Latin America and Caribbean. He will discuss opportunities and challenges shared by the public and private sector. Session II Social Good National & Global Initiatives Social Good National & Global Initiatives: Featuring national and global-facing speakers. (Monica Ochaney of 3SE,a strategic initiatives firm focused on innovation activities across verticals engaging the public and private sectors, to discuss tech disruption in energy and sustainability verticals and the use of Public-Private Partnerships; Luis Pedemonte to discuss a national solar initiative that MIT will rollout in Nov 2016). Shawn Seipler, CEO of Clean the World, Florida’s first B-Corp organization will discuss opportunities and challenges relevant to scaling sustainable solutions worldwide. Session III Social Enterprise Demo Meet the companies who are actively leading social good in your backyard. Six central florida company nominees will take part in a call-to-action demo. Nominations are due Sept. 16, 2016 at midnight.

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