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#9 - Chris Volpe And Cody Starcher Of Multivarious Games

#9 - Chris Volpe And Cody Starcher Of Multivarious Games

Welcome to episode 9 of Grow Like A Pro! A show all about learning how to achieve your goals and dreams as a business owner. Learn growth tips and hear success stories from entrepreneurs from all walks of life as they teach YOU how to grow like a pro. In our ninth episode, Jason and Adam are joined by Chris Volpe and Cody Starcher of Multivarious Games. Listen in as Chris and Cody discuss starting a game development studio, starting a convention with GDEX, their mission in making Columbus the Hollywood/Silicon Valley of games, and so much more. You can be a part of the show sending questions, thoughts, comments, to! We'd even love to have you on the show! Follow us on Twitter! Adam Bankhurst: @AdamBankhurst Jason Fleagle: @Jjfleagle

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