Startup Ecosystem Kansai (Japan) 2017 - Habitat Update Ep. 10

Startup Ecosystem Kansai (Japan) 2017 - Habitat Update Ep. 10

Habitat Update - the bi-weekly podcast about entrepreneurship related topics in Japan from the Kansai area. Not only is this the 10th episode - #anniversary - but also the 2017 Year End Special feat. Sushi Suzuki as guest. Listen to Sushi, Sabrina and Tugi discussing the Japanese startup scene in 2017 and talking about opportunities in 2018. iTunes Podcast: http://apple.co/2fIu5lX YouTube Video: http://youtu.be/Nv37rFdc6hQ Host: Tugi G√ľnes | http://twitter.com/guenest Co-Host: Sabrina Sasaki | http://twitter.com/makersbootcamp Guest: Sushi Suzuki | http://twitter.com/sushisuzuki Location: FVC Mesh Kyoto | http://www.fvcmesh.com/kyoto Contact: habitatupdate@gmail.com Further explore the Kansai ecosystem throught the Hacker News Kansai Scrapbox (Wiki): http://scrapbox.io/HNKansai Presented by Global Venture Habitat Osaka | http://gvh-osaka.com in collaboration with Makers Boot Camp | http://makersboot.camp.

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

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