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Ep. 1 Why? Plus How To Make Leche Merengada

Ep. 1 Why? Plus How To Make Leche Merengada

In this episode we are discussing why we are starting this podcast, some of the topics we will be touching on in future episodes and also teaching you how to make a few of our Spring seasonal drinks. Follow along with the video or follow the instructions below and make sure to give us any feedback you might have or ideas for future episodes. What you will need:Aeropress / Way to make coffee32g coffee, 170g water at 180° 2oz Honey simple syrup/Maple Syrup 2oz Milk - Almond for Almond Con Miel (almond milk, honey, iced coffee), Oat for Oat Con Miel (oat milk, honey, iced coffee) or Leche Merengada (oat milk, maple syrup, cinnamon, iced coffee)First get a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Then add 2oz milk and sweetener to the shaker.Then start making your iced coffee, our recipe is for an iced aeropress but you can use cold brew or other iced coffee if you would prefer.Add 32g of medium ground coffee to your aeropress, pour to 170g of water and stir till the grounds are fully saturated, about 4 times.Wait till 2 minutes then stir again, then place your filter cap with pre-wetted filter on and screw it on tightly. Flip onto the cocktail shaker and press till the aeropress starts to hiss. Shake the drink together until you feel it is mixed thoroughly and pour into a 16oz glass filled with ice. We hope that you get to enjoy this drink with us, we can’t wait to share more brew guides, drink recipes and talk about all things coffee with you all in the future! 

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