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10. A Bedtime Story

10. A Bedtime Story

An intimate portrait of George’s love life highlights his struggles to keep a work/life balance. He constructs an elaborate analogy that spirals out of control, leaving him lost. Written by George The Poet. Produced by Benbrick & George The Poet. Original music by Benbrick. Featured songs: Up Late by Ari Lennox, Running by IAMDDB, What Do You Mean? (feat. J Hus) by Skepta. Featured guests: Julie Adenuga as Dija, TrueMendous as Trudy This episode features clips taken from Knight Rider, Aladdin, Rick and Morty, and Space Jam. Knight Rider (2008) directed by Steve Shill. Production Company: Dutch Oven, Universal Media Studios (UMS). Distributor: National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Clip appears at 00:10:53 Aladdin (1992) directed by Ron Clements & John Musker. Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV, Walt Disney Feature Animation. Distributor: Buenva vista Pictures. Clip appears at 00:14:51 Rick and Morty (Season 1, Episode 3 Anatomy Park), directed by John Rice, Pete Michels. Production Company: Harmonius Claptrap. Justin Roiland’s Solo Vanity Card Productions, Starburns Industries, Williams Street. Distributed by Warner Home Video. Clip appears at 00:14:55 Space Jam (1996) directed by Joe Pytka. Production Company: Warner Bros., Northern Lights Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Feature Animation. Distributor: Fathom Events, Warner Bros. Clip appears at 00:15:01 Have You Heard George’s Podcast? is a George the Poet production for BBC Sounds. Commissioning Executive for BBC: Dylan Haskins Commissioning Editor for BBC: Jason Phipps

Duration: 24 min

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