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Weekly Hot News Podcast, May 11, 2020

Weekly Hot News Podcast, May 11, 2020

On Thursday, May 7th, Superintendent Scott released a letter describing the strong possibility of significant reductions to our 2020-21 budget as a result of statewide shortfalls caused by the coronavirus pandemic. To help mitigate the impact of those reductions next school year, the District is taking several steps this school year to save money. There will be immediate spending and hiring freezes implemented, and the likely initiation of weekly furlough days for all employees. To make this a workable solution for both HSD and our employees, the furlough days would access a state program called Work Share as well as money available through the federal CARES Act. Each week of participation by all eligible employees would save the District $680,000, which would be used to save jobs and programs next year. Read more on our website.

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