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Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire (2005): Eat My Gillyweed

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire (2005): Eat My Gillyweed

On this week’s episode, the gang talks about the 4th installment in the Harry Potter franchise, and the guys who read the books hated it!    Topics include: the tent that’s better than the Weasley’s house, Dumbledore’s out of character freak out when Harry’s name is announced, magical condoms, screaming spiders, ghosts sexually assaulting students, awful plot omissions, and Mike Newell ruining one of the best books in the series.    Note: A few of the guys got a bit too drunk before recording, so the real plot of the film doesn’t start until the 10 minute mark!   Hold My Popcorn is brought to you by Ballsy! Body wash for your man parts. Visit, and enter the promo code POPCORN15 for 15% off your first order.    If you want to be part of the show, or want to scream at us check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, or email us at 

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