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What Happened This Week - Everything You Need to Know About the Stimulus Bill

What Happened This Week - Everything You Need to Know About the Stimulus Bill

This is a special episode of the podcast. No guests this time, just Dan here to give you a very detailed overview of the stimulus bill. Find out what’s in it, what’s not in it, and how the Democrats have been lying through their teeth constantly in a game of petty politics. There is a ton of detail in this episode, so to help you sort through it we’ve included a breakdown of topics: 0:25 - Recap of what Democrats did this week to block passage of the stimulus bill. 3:12 - Why Americans need an economic rescue package and how this is very different from the 2008 bailout. 7:00 - What is really in the stimulus bill. 11:00 - The truth about Democrats claims that by delaying the bill’s passage they got stricter controls on provision of credit to big business. 16:45 - The long list of progressive items that had nothing to do with COVID-19 which the Democrats tried to add to the stimulus bill, like climate change studies and new emission standards for airlines. 19:35 - On the bill that passed the Senate on Wednesday night (almost the same bill which could have been passed last weekend but for the Democrats delays). Details in the bill: 24:53 - Individual tax rebates 27:25 - Expansion of unemployment benefits 30:37 - Small business loans 32:40 - Housing support 33:38 - Support for medical professionals on the front lines 35:30 - Loans to distressed industries 37:14 - Education and student loan relief Frequently asked questions about the bill: 39:00 - Is there really $25 million allocated to give Congress a raise? 39:38 - How does the bill help restaurants? 40:00 - What does the bill do to support airline workers and keep the airline industry afloat? 40:30 - What about the impact on non-profits like the YMCA? 40:47 - Does the bill include funding for PPE, grant CMS authority to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens, and increase tele-health? 41:25 - Does the bill provide for student loan cancellation? 42:13 - Does it provide relief for health clubs and studios? 42:33 - What kind of stuff did Nancy Pelosi get into the bill that has nothing to do with COVID relief? 43:22 - Is there a loophole for Planned Parenthood to get funding? 43:37 - Will individuals who were injured and unable to work last year be eligible for stimulus? 43:51 - Is there a way for an individual to prove that their finances are substantially less than in the previous tax year, so that they can be considered eligible for the stimulus? 44:38 - Will this bill include Pelosi’s pork? Will there be consideration for the Green New Deal? 45:08 - Why are we bailing out cruise ships that are registered in other countries so they can avoid paying taxes? 45:34 - Are people that own their own businesses eligible for the crisis assistance? 45:45 - How will the assistance be disbursed? Will it be automatically deposited or will they have to apply for it individually? 45:59 - What about adults that don’t report anything to the IRS because their sole income comes from Social Security? 46:08 - Concluding thoughts about the bill and the way forward from here.

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