Eloise Coopersmith

Home for Mom

The award winning musical digital web series,

The award winning musical digital web series, "Home for Mom" is a heartwarming story told through music with a stellar cast. This meaningful musical exploration of care-taking for those we love at a difficult time is an uplifting inspiration. A compassionate and moving journey for the listener. A testament to the power of family.

Episodes: 13



Duration: 7 min

Life Goes On

Duration: 15 min

Roses in December

Duration: 13 min


Duration: 10 min

The Showdown- Episode 9

Duration: 12 min

A New Day

Duration: 11 min

The Sundowner's Symphony

Duration: 20 min

Weary Hearts Travel On

Duration: 10 min

Be An Advocate

Duration: 11 min

Episode 4- Home for Mom

Duration: 12 min

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