Hostile Witness

003 - Something We Can All Agree On

003 - Something We Can All Agree On

Randolph Brickey joins Charles Star to talk about Ramos v. Louisiana, a recent Supreme Court case that finally clarified that Louisiana and Oregon have to stop using non-unanimous juries and a series of cases (Ellis v. State (NC). Clark v Crawford (WDVA) and Howse v, Houdos (6th Cir.)) about the mixed messages courts give about telling the police how you really feel. Charles Star - @ugarles Randolph Brickey - @hithertofore Hostile Witness - @HostilePodcast Thanks to: Dan Parshall (@enterim_) for sound engineering Mike Wiebe (@mikewiebe) and Riverboat Gamblers (@thegamblers) for the theme, "Blue Ghosts" Patrick Cosmos (@veryimportant) for the interstitial music "Fear of Heights". and my wife and mom because it's Mother's Day

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