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How Not To Sail

"What could possibly go wrong?" As he sails alone from St. Pete to Miami and back, host Bradford Rogers takes you through the fascinating, often hilarious, and occasionally startling world of cruising, including chatting with fellow cruisers, musicians, bikers, and other salty characters.

Episodes: 15


Episode 12: The Way Forward

Duration: 13 min

Episode 10: Miami

Duration: 17 min

Episode 9: Eastbound!

Duration: 26 min

Update: We Found Fuel Dock Debbie

Duration: 8 min

Episode 8: I Don't Wanna Be Buffett

Duration: 21 min

Episode 7: Fuel Dock Debbie

Duration: 17 min

Listener Mail: Ask me anything!

Duration: 5 min

Episode 6: The Great Leap Forward

Duration: 19 min

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