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Becoming a Career Coach Through Hosting Events

Becoming a Career Coach Through Hosting Events

As I talk with people about how they got into coaching, it’s always interesting to hear about all the different ways. It reminds me that there is no one path to becoming a coach. Our guest on the How to Become a Career Coach podcast today started as a marketer that was terrible with analytics but was great with the psychology aspects. He got tired of the networking events he attended and started hosting his own events that fostered great conversation. These events led to elevator pitch coaching, then to Personal brand coaching, and then a podcast. Through the podcast, he met people at the Muse, which brought him on as a career coach. That was just the beginning, though. It took years before he took his coaching full-time, and he’s going to share how a 6-month review at work led him to realize that his coaching on the side is what actually fit his life.   We are accepting application for the Professional Career Coach Training program. Your first step is to schedule a conversation with Phillip, our Director of Student and Client Success (no commitment or obligation). Is the future of your career coaching business worth the investment of 45 minutes?

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