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The Coaching Conversations Model: 5 steps to create success for your client

The Coaching Conversations Model: 5 steps to create success for your client

Over the years, we have analyzed a ton of coaching conversations to identify critical moments that lead to change. Then, we pulled out those moments and built a framework that delivers effective results over and over again. Whether you’ve never led a formal coaching session life or you’ve been coaching for many years, this model can help you piece together an entire coaching conversation from beginning to end. When you trust this model, you’ll go into each session confident that you’re providing value to your client. To understand the “why” behind the model, think of bumpers on a bowling lane.  When you go bowling WITHOUT bumpers, there’s no telling where your ball could end up. Maybe you’ll make it all the way down the lane and hit a pin, or maybe you’ll drop it into one of the gutters and get a giant goose egg on the scoreboard. But when you add in bumpers, you’re basically guaranteed to score a lot of points. Whether you’re the best bowler in the world - staying perfectly on track for a strike - or a newbie bouncing back and forth between the boundaries, your ball will end in success  That’s exactly what happens with our Coaching Conversations Model. When you follow this 5-part framework, you’ll end in success again and again and most importantly… this will create progress for your client (which we know creates momentum). You’ll have raving clients who feel like they’re getting an immense amount of value .   This week on the How to Become a Career Coach podcast, Jennifer Stokes joins Phillip Migyanko to talk about having these coaching conversations. Jennifer and Phillip have both been on the podcast before. Phillip is the one that helped develop the Professional Career Coach Training and Certification program and Jennifer is one of the coaches we have here at HTYC, and she helps the PCC program in the background.   Check out our Professional Career Coach Training and Certification program here!

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