Ep. 6 - Watch 'em like a Hawkins

Ep. 6 - Watch 'em like a Hawkins

Karon is a New York City native living in Pittsburgh working as an online and in-person coach specializing in biomechanics and nutrition. We discuss our development and leaving our jobs to pursue our passions; Instagram as a powerful marketing tool for content creators, and the tools it provides for growing your business. Karon talks about the allure of fame and how he refocused his goals after seeing the side-effects and some of the weirder aspects of it. We also talk about the importance of setting goals and working towards them through consistent habits and creating accountability systems ("squishy goals, concrete habits"). Our conversation then turned towards Karon's journey to fitness starting with dancing, then weight training, and Flobility. We close out the conversation discussing the importance of health and what "being healthy" actually means.  - Karon's Podcast is The Kronic Lifestyle Podcast and you can find it on Spotify, Apple, and Stitcher. Karon's Instagram is @coachkronic Karon's website is:

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