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Lisa Frasier from Bandit Bitez - Street Treats For Dogs - #442

Lisa Frasier from Bandit Bitez - Street Treats For Dogs - #442

About the Show: On this episode of the podcast we get to chat with the owner & founder of Bandit Bitez, Lisa Frasier. We get to find out her story. We find out what motivated her to start Bandit Bitez, we talk about all the different treats Bandit Bitez makes for dogs, and we talk about her treat truck she got so she can sell Bandit Bitez at all the doggy events in Salt Lake City. We also find out what Lisa loves about living in Utah and of course some of her favorite local eating spots. Important Links: Bandit Bitez on Facebook Bandit Bitez website This episode is sponsored by: Salt Lake Barber Company Libsyn (use promo code SALTLAKE for a free month) Connect more with I am Salt Lake: Email Us Connect With Our Facebook Connect With Our Twitter Connect With Our Instagram Join The Facebook Group Support our Patreon Sign up for our email list Thank you for listening to this episode of I am Salt Lake podcast. We showcase local talent, businesses, and everyday people making Salt Lake City what it is today. Please consider making a one time donation through PayPal to help with the expenses of keeping this podcast running smoothly

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