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Immune 25: Remembrance of antigen encounters past

Immune 25: Remembrance of antigen encounters past

The Immune team explains that short chain fatty acids produced by microbial fermentation of fiber rewire metabolism to enable the production of memory T cells. Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Stephanie Langel, and Cynthia Leifer Subscribe (free): iTunes, Google Podcasts. RSS, email Become a patron of Immune! Links for this episode CD8+ T cell memory needs microbiome derived fatty acids (Immune) Image credit: Principles of Virology 4e Time stamps by Jolene. Thanks! Letters read on Immune 25 Weekly Science Picks Stephanie - This Week in Neuroscience Cindy - Graduate Abuse by Derek Lowe Vincent - Funding ends for seeking new viruses Music by Steve Neal. Immune logo image by Blausen Medical. Send your immunology questions and comments to

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