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Mini-Episode: American Response to COVID-19 (with David Frum)

Mini-Episode: American Response to COVID-19 (with David Frum)

As President Trump shuts down all immigration as a reaction to COVID-19, Andy calls David Frum, who was by George W. Bush’s side after 9-11. How will globalization, public debate, and democracy itself fare in the context of a pandemic? Frum argues that America’s role in the global community has never been more important. He also has a clear view on the impact of this time on the coming election.  Support this podcast https://www.teladoc.com/ (Teledoc) https://www.theatlantic.com/author/david-frum/ (David Frum’s work at The Atlantic) https://amzn.to/3aWa7hC (David Frum’s upcoming book: Trumpocalypse) https://www.kff.org/global-health-policy/issue-brief/kff-health-tracking-poll-late-april-2020/ (KFF Coronavirus polling)

Duration: 30 min

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