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Smart House (1999)

Smart House (1999)

What would it be like to be trapped inside a sentient house of the future!? Things take a meta turn as The Three Mousketeers (Clare @clary_poppins, Oscar @Ozzymo, and Rachel @LadyTomHanks) broadcast from their own homes within the vault, while practicing social distancing and maintaing vault exploration. Being a kid is tough and Ben has put a lot of pressure on himself to never let his widowed father find love. So much so that he puts his whole family at the mercy of Peggy Bundy as a house. It's a full wall sized screen dance party of a time as the Coopers fight for their lives to evade their glitching house arrest prison. What did you think of Smart House? Tell us @ITDVPodcast on Twitter! Check out our Patreon ( for bonus episodes, early releases, and more #content!

Duration: 1 hr 6 min

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