Brett Hawke

#039 John Steffensen

#039 John Steffensen

John Steffensen isn't a swimmer but he did shape Brett's coaching philosophy. They talk about how a swimmer and a runner became friends.  How he trained as a 200/400 meter runner. Winning Silver on the 4x100 Relay at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. The similarities between a 200 Freestyle and the 400m.  Doping.  Training 100% for 9 months, party for 2. Becoming close friends with Usain Bolt. What he's best at. Another chicken nugget story.  John's competitive mentality. "If you're not setting a personal best at the Games, you messed up!" Driving home with Usain after he ripped his hamstring in 2014. The Last Dance. And much, much more. Connect: Find | Brett Hawke On Instagram @hawkebr On Twitter @insidewithbh On Facebook @insidewithbh Find | John Steffensen On Instagram: @JohnSteffensen @bondisoap On Twitter: @JohnSteffensen Subscribe & Listen: Apple Podcasts Google Spotify YouTube Special Thanks: Fitter & Faster Swim Camps Swimnerd Pace Clocks --- Send in a voice message:

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