Into the Future of Lordstown, Ohio

Into the Future of Lordstown, Ohio

The Mahoning Valley in northeast Ohio is in the middle of an economic transition. Manufacturing jobs have been leaving the region for decades, but the closure of the General Motors Lordstown factory last year was a major blow to the community. Some families were split apart as GM employees took transfers to other plants. Others are still mourning the departure of steady union jobs. But new opportunities in technology and warehouse distribution are coming to the area.  Residents near Lordstown are no stranger to promises. In 2017, President Trump came to the region, saying he would bring jobs back. Now, voters in this swing district must choose whether to back the President or one of his Democratic challengers. What will these changes mean for the future of the region? Host Trymaine Lee talks with National Digital Reporter Erin Einhorn about her reporting in the Mahoning Valley, why voters in the area are divided on their pick for 2020, and how the local community is working to carve out a new economy after significant economic loss. Further ReadingIn Ohio town grieving lost jobs, voters are deeply divided on President Trump For a transcript, please visit https://www.nbcnews.com/intoamerica.

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