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Feed containing all our posts!

Feed containing all our posts!

Episodes: 90


Phase 10: Dang It, Mu La Flaga: The Guy I Hate!

Duration: 1 hr 8 min

Phase 09: Ignoring Our Mission is What we Do

Duration: 46 min

Phase 08: The Land of Facepalms

Duration: 49 min

Phase 07: Space Perspective

Duration: 49 min

Phase 06: Shifty Ass Captain Magee

Duration: 57 min

Phase 05: They’re Down to 7 of Their 8 Arms!

Duration: 51 min

Phase 04: Gundam Needs New Spark Plugs

Duration: 35 min

Phase 03: But I Don't Wanna!

Duration: 39 min

Phase 02: Kira Yamato Operating Systems Wizard

Duration: 50 min

Phase 01: The Christmas Invasion

Duration: 56 min

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