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KDMEO Episode 77 - Black Knight (흑기사) 17-18

KDMEO Episode 77 - Black Knight (흑기사) 17-18

Penultimate Week Syndrome Alert! Judy and Teresa are listless as they talk about episodes 17-18 of "Black Knight” (흑기사), a KBS drama starring Shin SeKyung, Kim RaeWon, Seo JiHye and Jang MiHee. It's getting to the point where we can't tell if this is the Penultimate Week Syndrome screwing with us or if this drama is just terribly bad. Judy just hates every character now. Teresa lists off all the tropes crammed into this week: jealousy-motivated murder attempt, amnesia, calling off a wedding, cutting the brakes on a car, and more! Listen in to find out how we would have fixed this wishy washy drama and join us next week for the finale of "Black Knight".   Tally of superpowers so far: (bold = newly revealed this week) Becky: immortality, everlasting youth, super strength, ability to wish good luck (on Sooho), using potion to take away memories, fake jewelry detection Sharon: immortality, everlasting youth, making clothes that bestow good luck (on Haera), telekinesis, Mystique-like ability to steal one's appearance, power to inspire greed Haera: ability to curse using the power of the moon Sooho: luck, magical protection from a "loving heart", power of winning “rock, paper, scissors”, super strength, fast reflexes, ability to see what’s going on with Haera (but this only happens once)   Audio credits: Mozart – “Dies Irae” How would you fix the dragging plot of "Black Knight"? Please send any questions, comments or suggestions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@kdramamyeyesout) or e-mail us (kdramamyeyesout(at)gmail.com). Download this and other episodes and while you're there, write us a review: Apple Podcasts Google Play Music Stitcher Libsyn RSS The KDMEO theme music is 'Cute', by Bensound (www.bensound.com), and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 4.0 International.

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