Episode 7: Beethoven and Beer

Episode 7: Beethoven and Beer

In our very first collaboration episode, we head to Bierly Brewing in McMinnville, Oregon for some EXCELLENT pairings of beer and snacks with the movements of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. So much thanks to Amelia and JP for their generosity and amazing beer and food!Would you like to play along at home? Bierly Brewing will sell you a special package of these four beers plus four pretzels and deliver it to your home! If you’d like to partake in the baguettes and the donuts, I suggest you call for a takeout order, because oh WOW, is it worth it. Information can be found here: http://bierlybrewing.comAll music clips used for the show today are courtesy of http://musopen.orgLike what you hear? Subscribe at our Patreon and access some awesome bonus content! the show (

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