Keith and The Girl comedy talk show

Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit.

Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit.

Episodes: 300


3272: Daddy Issues w/ Keith and Ken Malley

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

3271: Quarantine House w/ Hannah Berner

Duration: 50 min

3269: Where's the Beef? w/ Steve Schirripa

Duration: 55 min

3268: Grill Marks w/ Kevin Allison

Duration: 44 min

3267: Quarantine-Friendly w/ Jess Wood

Duration: 49 min

3265: All Things Must Pass w/ Myq Kaplan

Duration: 43 min

3264: Citizenship w/ Katharine Heller

Duration: 54 min

3263: Alleviating Anxiety w/ Alyssa Limperis

Duration: 38 min

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