Kevin Timothy Austin

13 Dreams Of The Lotus

13 Dreams Of The Lotus

There are some that would suggest that our relationship with music is a form of biophilia, since music behaves much like an entity in and of itself. I posit further that music has a mind of its own which dwells most readily in our collective subconscious. 13 Dreams of the Lotus aims to explore that dwelling place and bring into focus, through structured intuition, the mens musicae – the mind of music. This process is unfolded in 13 distinct dream sequences, to be played in any order at the performers discretion. As with all cognitive processes the piece is derived from a single nodal point of thought. Everything else in the piece bifurcates exponentially from this central axis in a manner that emulates a dream. It is in the whole-art then that we experience the mind of music – in its derivation, in its performance, in the affect it has on our own perception. The piece does not then dwell in the past or even dream of the future. It lets go of the present moment, and crosses over to the farther shore of existence. And just as suddenly as it found us yearning for its presence, the music leaves us to dream again of its return.

Duration: 13 min

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