Kevin Timothy Austin

A Steady Stream Of Consciousness

A Steady Stream Of Consciousness

A Steady Stream of Consciousness is an attempt to synthesize perceived polarities of reality: happiness vs. anger, life vs. death, and the indeterminate nature of life in the microcosm vs. the relative stasis of phenomena in the macrocosm. These dualities are represented in the juxtaposition of the two saxophone quartets (staged in stereo), the indeterminate rhythms of the typewriter in combination with the steady metric repetition of the rest of the ensemble, and the contradictory and often disjunctive mental pathway of the typist governed by the various writing prompts throughout the piece. The synthesis of all these conflicting elements into a seamless aural experience cedes to the philosophical notion that all reality is interconnected and that the dichotomies observed therein are in fact non-existent.

Duration: 9 min

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