Episode 1- Al and Linda Hublar Part 1

Episode 1- Al and Linda Hublar Part 1

In this episode Mark Hublar co-hosts with Carly. Mark is a celebrity in the Down syndrome community and is mostly known for his fabulous motivation speeches. He is a 55 year old college graduate who lives on his own, vacations solo, drives a moped, and drinks a cold glass of milk before bed each night. Carly and Mark sat down with his parents Al and Linda to talk about what it was like to raise Mark in the 60s and 70s when Down syndrome caused so much fear and individuals with disabilities were hidden away from view. The Hublars have truly paved the way for other families in our community and have the stories to prove it. We had a lovely conversation and got to hear SO many great Mark stories as well. In fact, our conversation was all so good- we have split it into two episodes! Please enjoy part one of Al and Linda Hublar! If you have questions or would like to submit ideas or feedback, email us at: kindnesswarriorpod@dsoflou.orgTo learn more about Down Syndrome of Louisville visit Downsyndromeoflouisville.orgTo check out Mark's Website: To get yourself a Kindness Warrior shirt:

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