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EP41: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Past Lives & Pink Aura

EP41: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Past Lives & Pink Aura

Bachelorette, Podcast Queen and Dancing with the Stars contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe is joining Michaela in this week's episode to talk all things psychic. Kaitlyn shares her secrets to manifestation, how she handles energy vampires and gives insight into her own abilities to read others. Michaela reads Kaitlyn’s pink and purple aura, talks about her past lives, communicates spiritually with her dogs and also gives her some predictions for Kaitlyn’s DWTS partner and their style together!  Also in this episode Scott gives Michaela the “Naked and Afraid” quiz, would she be a good contestant?  Mystic Michaela Instagram: Mystic Michaela Website Mystic Michaela Facebook Group Mystic Michaela Podcast Itunes Mystic Michaela Bonus Episode - Every Aura Color Explained  Kaitlyn Bristowe website

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