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EP43: Loren Brovarnik, Empaths & a Tragic Passing

EP43: Loren Brovarnik, Empaths & a Tragic Passing

Michaela explains the difference between a psychic and a medium. She then shares some sympathetic thoughts on the recent and tragic passing of Naya Rivera, which includes a reading, and some thoughts on what may have happened with this terrible tragedy. Loren Brovernik from TLC’s 90 day fiance joins to discuss her own empathic gifts, her life’s passion as an advocate and her brand new baby. Michaela reads Loren and Alexei’s auras and explores how they’ve evolved during their relationship. Then Michaela channels a message from a loved one on the other side for Loren in an emotional mediumship session.  Links/Resources: Stitch Fix 25% off whole order Mystic Michaela Bonus Episode - Every Aura Color Explained  Mystic Michaela Instagram Mystic Michaela Website Mystic Michaela Facebook Group Mystic Michaela Podcast Itunes Loren Brovarnik Instagram  

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