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Kōrero EAG, S1, E17 - Glenn Robbins

Kōrero EAG, S1, E17 - Glenn Robbins

Glenn Robbins is the Superintendent of the Brigantine Public School District in Brigantine, New Jersey. His passion is harnessing a school culture that thrives on design thinking skills, innovative digital spaces, exponential thinking, BYOD/1to1, Social Emotional Learning Zen Dens, and Makerspaces. In addition, Glenn encourages all students to have a voice, not only in building a school culture, but also in designing student led courses. Glenn is a member of several local and national boards and has been honored and award based on his exceptional endeavors. Glenn has been recognized by numerous organizations for his innovative technology implementation methods, and has been a featured speaker at numerous events across the globe. His extensive travels to various schools across the globe have helped to diversify his views on education and implement new instructional methods to better both students and staff.

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