Malia M. Hoffmann, Ed.D. & Alfred Y. Ramirez, Ph.D.

Kōrero EAG, S1, E18 - Jeannene Halverson

Kōrero EAG, S1, E18 - Jeannene Halverson

Jeannene Halverson has been teaching since 1988. In 2011 she was a runner up for a $10 million STEM grant for a project I she designed which could be adapted to various levels of high school math. Unfortunately, she was not awarded that grant on the basis that her district, CJUHSD with 8 high schools, did not have the technology in place. They were a year behind in getting ChromeBooks in every classroom. Since then she has written various projects and adapted others into Project-based learning experiences as that is the best way to teach math.

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