Malia M. Hoffmann, Ed.D. & Alfred Y. Ramirez, Ph.D.

Kōrero EAG, S1, E20 - Whitney Allen

Kōrero EAG, S1, E20 - Whitney Allen

Whitney after nearly a decade of working in the development sector left her career to become an elementary teacher. She just completed her multiple-subject credential and Masters in Education at CSUF. Whitney has built the KOZ website; where students can research authentic issues in student friendly language with links to reliable resources, videos, primary sources, ideas to take action, and stories of changemakers; students having an impact on the issue today. Her accompanying teacher website provides research, teaching methodologies, lesson plans, printable materials and links to resources to help educators use the student website successfully and incorporate 21stcentury learning and social justice practices in their teaching.She can be followed on social media on instagram @letsdosomethingaboutit and on twitter @CenterforGood. Her website for students can be found at The accompanying teacher site is

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