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Kōrero EAG, S1, E23 - Grace Van Voorst

Kōrero EAG, S1, E23 - Grace Van Voorst

Grace has always had a passion for activism, her school has fostered it and provided her with the tools necessary to act upon her passion. In her school, students are given choice and freedom in their education. Students are able to set up their schedules on a day to day basis, choose electives ranging from photoshop to global cultures, and work in an innovative environment that encourages project-based learning. In her 6th grade year, she was given the opportunity to do a project on plastic pollution, where she connected with a Harvard professor, state legislators, and even people from the other side of the globe. From there her passion for activism exploded, and has continued to find ways to advocate for different issues.Currently she works as a staff writer for a non-profit, Redefy. Redefy is a teen led social justice advocacy group whose mission is to boldly defy stereotypes, encourage acceptance, redefine perspectives positively, and create an active community.Alongside working for Redefy, she works with JUV Consulting marketing agency working with companies to more authentically and powerfully engage young audiences. Her job with JUV allows her to express her opinions on how companies market and appeal to Gen Z.

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