Malia M. Hoffmann, Ed.D. & Alfred Y. Ramirez, Ph.D.

Kōrero EAG, S1, E26 - Lorien Gustafson

Kōrero EAG, S1, E26 - Lorien Gustafson

Lorien Gustafson is in her transition year moving from a middle school English/Language Arts teacher of over 15 years to her first year as a middle school information specialist. She establishes herself in the library at Patch Middle School, a Department of Defense school, in Stuttgart, Germany supporting the US military families stationed overseas. Her goal is to create the library as the heart of the school for all students no matter what grade level, academic performance, or ability level where they can feel comfortable to try new books, share ideas, be introduced to new technologies, and ask for assignment support. In regular collaboration with teachers, she sets the stage for the library to become the school’s foundation to access meaningful resources and availability tying together 21st Century Learning with the good ‘ol fashion books for teachers to champion their own curricular needs.

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