Leading Edge Love

Leading Edge Love - Non-monogamous Couple Lori Roniger & Nathan Hays

Leading Edge Love - Non-monogamous Couple Lori Roniger & Nathan Hays

Tuesdays, 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific: "Leading Edge Love," host Sumati Sparks: This week, her guest is non-monogamous couple Lori Roniger & Nathan Hays. Sumati Sparks, The Open Relationship Coach, is based in the San Francisco. Bay Area (www.SumatiSparks.com)  SUMATI WORKS WITH: • Professional Married Men & Women who have little or no intimacy in their long-term relationship. • Single or Divorced People who do not wish to have another traditional relationship. • Couples who want to successfully open their relationship. • Singles & Couples who don’t know where to find other polyamorous people to meet & date. • Heterosexual as well as Queer, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Intersex & Questioning Persons. COMMON CHALLENGES HER CLIENT'S FACE: • Frustrated and fed up with the loss of vitality that comes from being in a relationship with no intimacy. • Feeling like their partner would never go for it. • Confused, nervous and a little scared about how to open their relationship. • No idea where to meet other polyamorous people to potentially date. • Eager and hopeful but want to do it right. WHAT SHE DOES FOR HER CLIENTS: • Get CLEAR about what they want. • PREPARE to ask their partner for it, then SPEAK THEIR TRUTH. • CREATE the relationship of their wildest dreams. • Have FUN in the process. HOW SUMATI SERVES HER CLIENTS: With her signature program called:   ADDING MORE LOVE, PASSION & JOY!

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