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Episode 16: Starrcade '98

Episode 16: Starrcade '98

For much of 1998, the two factions of a fractured nWo have battled for dominance. Now, at Starrcade '98, it's time to finally see which faction reigns...wait...not a single match addresses that? Oh. Well, we can at least see if this Goldberg guy can retain both his title and his undefeated streak, I guess. WCW's been building that angle for more than a year, so there's no way they can screw that up, right? ...I feel like I've said that before. Plus: Another triangle match, except that means something almost entirely different now! And when will I learn to stop wishing WCW would put more promos on these shows? For all this and more, let's go to the ring! Music by Michael Gary Brewer at Follow us on Twitter at , or on Facebook at

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