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Liv Reads the Iliad: Book Three

Liv Reads the Iliad: Book Three

Liv reads Book Three of the Iliad, translated into prose by Samuel Butler. This is not a standard episode, it's simply a reading of the Iliad. For regular episodes look for any that don't have "Liv Reads the..." in the title! Here's a list Greek to Roman names to help you out: Zeus = Jove/Jupiter Hera = Juno Athena = Minerva/Pallas Minerva Ares = Mars Aphrodite = Venus Poseidon = Neptune Hades = Pluto Hermes = Mercury Kronos = Saturn Odysseus = Ulysses (I think he's the only mortal with a name change, the Romans were weird) Heracles = Hercules (Not Latin, but Achaeans/Danaans = Greeks, Argives = from Argos, Ilius = Troy, Dardanian = ally of Troy, Alexandrus = Paris) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Duration: 25 min

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