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Life Of A Lifer - Matt Emerzian

Life Of A Lifer - Matt Emerzian

Today we have our guest interviewer, Paul Thorsteinson, interviewing Matt Emerzian. Matt Emerzian is a social innovator with the goal of transforming the world through service work. He is the author of multiple books, with the most recent publication being a book titled "You Matter." However, Matt isn't just an author, he is the founder and CEO of Every Monday Matters. His organization is based on the benefits of service work and the impacts it has on one's life. First widely implemented in schools, Every Monday Matters has impacted millions of students lives across the country. Recently Matt has expanded his scope of impact and is branching out to develop an extension of Every Monday Matters within the country's prison systems. Paul Thorsteinson, founding member of the Redemption Project and Restorative Justice practitioner, has been an instrument of positive change within his facility. Over his 21 years of incarceration, Paul has written and taught classes that promote growth and accountability. In addition, he has established a comprehensive re-entry system that addresses all tiers of inmate's needs and the associated resources required for successful re-entry. Remember to go and subscribe to

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