Life With Klee Kai Episode 1 - Baylee / Myloveonpaws

Life With Klee Kai Episode 1 - Baylee / Myloveonpaws

In our first episode of Life With Klee Kai, we speak to Franziska Herrmann about her beautiful Alaskan Klee Kai, Baylee. Franziska and Baylee have one of the biggest Alaskan Klee Kai accounts on Instagram with nearly 20,000 followers. Franziska has been posting gorgeous photos of Baylee for over three years - and her account is one of the ways I discovered and learned more about the breed. So, she seemed like the natural choice to be my first guest on the Life With Klee Kai podcast. We touch upon how Franziska found out about Klee Kai, how she got Baylee, what Baylee's personality is like, some of the challenges of owning a Klee Kai as well as all the best bits of the AKK breed. Franziska also gave me an insight into her photography and where she's planning to do her next shoot! You can follow Baylee on Instagram here:

Duration: 37 min

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