Jamie Thurber

007: Write Your Reality

007: Write Your Reality

If you’ve ever wondered how you can mix your desires with your actions to create your reality. Well, in this episode I go into my favorite secret tool for doing just that.  I go into detail about why it’s so important that you not only use the language around what you want but that you actually believe it too.  I unexpectedly get pretty raw in this one and share different excerpts from my own journals from the past 6 years to explain how this process works.  Start acting “as if” first, take the steps while doing so and watch the law of attraction start working FOR you.  Referenced in this episode: Kat Loterzo http://www.thekatrinaruthshow.com Please share this episode and tag us with @jamie.thurber on Instagram or Jamie Thurber on Facebook. #LifestyleCreationwJamie If you’re interested in getting the exclusive content I put out on the newsletter, sign up here: https://jamiethurber.com/newsletter Are we connected on social?www.instagram.com/jamie.thurberwww.facebook.com/jamiethurber.bizwww.jamiethurber.com  Join my community and let’s take this conversation even deeper! Operation: DO is where I teach personalized lessons on intentional living every week. https://jamiethurber.com/operation-do/ 

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