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1. Re-Designing Lawyers to Design Thinking

1. Re-Designing Lawyers to Design Thinking

With the new premium on innovation and collaboration and changing client expectations, there has been a lot of focus and excitement recently around design thinking in the legal industry. In this first episode, Hamza Zaveri (Trainee at Linklaters) speaks to legal technology innovator and entrepreneur Nicole Bradick (Founder of legal tech design consultancy Theory and Principle) and Shilpa Bhandarkar (Global Head of Innovation at Linklaters). They uncover what design thinking is, how law firms are getting closer to clients through design thinking and how lawyers can start developing a design thinking mindset. Also discussed is the difference between startups and law firms, what law firms can learn from startups when developing products for clients and what innovation really means. The speakers also provide words of encouragement and tips to students and aspiring lawyers.

Duration: 29 min

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