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2. Analytics and Data in Law

2. Analytics and Data in Law

The use of analytics has permeated into various industries, from baseball to banking, but could analytics be invaluable for lawyers as well? In this episode, Hamza speaks to Richard Mabey (Co-Founder and CEO of Juro) and Ed Chan (Founder of Nakhoda and Partner at Linklaters) to learn more about the uses and applications of analytics in the legal industry and how it differs from AI. They also cover the importance of good data which is a fuel that powers these technologies, and the challenges that arise from the heaps of unstructured data in law. They delve into Richard’s startup, Juro (, and Ed’s brainchild, nakhoda (, and how both platforms incorporate elements of legal analytics and play a role in tackling the data challenge in law by creating structured data from the outset. Juro has also released a free e-book titled “Legal Operations: How to Do It and Why It Matters”. You can download it from this link:

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